Tesla FSD with Teleops (Teslops)

A Solution — Tesla FSD plus Teleops

This problem can be resolved by complementing Tesla FSD with “teleops” (remote control) fallback, where the teleops is used for edge cases with FSD in an enhanced shadow mode.

Women using computer to remotely drive a car.

Some Details

The FSD + teleops solution would be most useful for location based edge cases: driving segments that involve difficult situations or uncertainty. Where possible, routing will avoid these (a good idea from a safety perspective anyway) but where that is impossible a remote driver who is experienced in the scenario at hand can be brought online seconds ahead of time. If there is a communications issue then the FSD takes control and behaves as conservatively as possible — maybe even just pulling over to the side of the road.


This post is more about having a discussion than making hard assertions, but I believe in making concrete predictions where possible, so here is mine: I predict that Tesla will begin employing teleops in their vehicles as a fallback to their FSD before the end of 2022. This will be available to customers who purchased their FSD package and it will be used to enable their ride-hailing service. The locations in which they launch will be determined by weather, cellular, and regulatory considerations.


Nella is a Tesla customer and a (very small time) stockholder, but we have no other connection with Tesla. Neither of us have any association with teleops companies.



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Tom Malcolmson

I'm a Software Developer and Engineer (University of Toronto).